Rent Car in Probolinggo Low Prices Start IDR 400,000,-

Rent a Car in Probolinggo Low Prices Start IDR 400,000,- The beauty of the panorama of Indonesia’s natural attractions is well known everywhere, with the beauty of the sea, mountains and forests making Indonesia increasingly known in foreign countries, as time goes by many travel agents offer car rental services and tour packages complete with hotels tailored to the interests of visitors , so we often think twice about enjoying the beauty of Indonesia with a cheap but satisfying budget, but for now don’t worry we have provided rental cars in Probolinggo that can take you anywhere you want.

rent car in probolinggo

Rent Car In Probolinggo

And now for those of you who want a vacation to Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Malang, Surabaya. And, there are many popular tourist areas in East Java. In addition to offering cheap car rentals, we are also a Tour and Travel service provider in Bromo and surrounding areas, we also have a lot of teams, in large urban areas in East Java such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang, Banyuwangi, and Bali so that they are more accessible when needed.
Our team has been very experienced and has been involved in transportation services for more than 10 years. In addition to making a business in car rental in the city of Probolinggo, we can also serve hotel reservations in tourist locations as a supporter of your tour later.

Indeed, there are very many who sell the price of tour packages and rent car in Probolinggo at low prices, but you should not be fooled by the very cheap prices, if it is very cheap you can imagine what the facilities and services will be like.
The tour services we recommend always try to provide satisfying services. For those of you who want to rent a vehicle, and are required to have a driver who will take you, and we do not provide rental keys off. Our rental can be used for sightseeing trips in East Java or airport drop and according to your needs.

Regarding the rental price of vehicles at the Probolinggo car rental, we recommend that this is much cheaper.
And standard, when compared to car rental in Surabaya or Malang.
As a transportation service provider, safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction are top priorities.
Transportation equipment for rent includes a minimum of driver + fuel.

Rent Car In Probolinggo East Java 2019 Prices

Types  10 Hours  Prices per Day  Long Trip
Toyota Grand New Avanza Rp. 400.000,- Rp. 450.000,- Call / WA
Toyota Innova 2014 Rp  500.000,- Rp  550.000,- Call / WA
Toyota Innova REBORN Rp  550.000,- Rp  600.000,- Call / WA
Toyota ALPHARD 2014 Rp  2.300.000,- Rp  2.400.000,- Call / WA
Toyota ALPHARD 2017 Rp  3.000.000,- Rp. 3.100.000,- Call / WA
Toyota VELLFIRE 2014 Rp  2.300.000,- Rp  2.400.000,- Call / WA
Toyota VELLFIRE 2017 Rp  3.000.000,- Rp  3.100.000,- Call / WA
Pajero Sport 2017  Call / WA  Call / WA Call / WA
Camry 2017  Call / WA  Call / WA Call / WA
Fortuner VRZ  Call / WA  Call / WA Call / WA
Hiace  Call / WA  Call / WA Call / WA

Conditions Rent Car In Probolinggo:

  • Not required to provide lodging for the drivers
  • If the usage time exceeds the rental time then OVERTIME FEES are charged at 10% per Hour. (or a minimum of IDR 30,000 per hour)
  • The prices above do not include BBM + meal drivers.
  • Every car rental booking must have a DP of 50%
  • If there is a cancellation by the customer 1 (one) day before the day of H (day of use) then a Cancel Fee is
  • charged at 50% of the cost of the car rental.
  • If there is a cancellation by the customer on D-Day (the day of use), the customer will be charged the full rental fee.
  • The prices above do not apply to public holidays / Peak Season
  • Car Rental Prices listed above will adjust to mileage.
  • Where participants will be picked up and where the destination, until delivered back to the original pickup place.

Booking Rent Car In Probolinggo

Address :

JL. PPerning Tongas Wetan, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia 

  +62 82145724443